The Smart Jail Ecosystem

CIDNET is a system of interconnected applications designed to manage jail administration and inmate communications and interaction. This web-based suite allows all Law Enforcement staff to contribute to jail management, whether they're experts in technology or authorities of the old-school. The power of the platform lies in its customizability. Any corrections facility — large or small — can put this product to good use.  This is the way the modern jail was meant to operate.


Unlike traditional applications, CIDNET is accessible through an internet browser, meaning any computer can be a workstation.


Because CIDNET’s apps are integrated under one platform, your staff will spend more time working and less time learning.


By distributing our servers throughout the U.S. instead of relying on a handful of sites, our data storage is best in class.


It’s never been easier for friends and family to stay in touch.

Using CIDNET’s public portal, inmate contacts can stay in touch with their incarcerated loved ones. These services can generate revenue for your facility, but at the same time, they are affordably priced. In fact, CIDNET’s pricing model actually encourages use, rather than nickel-and-diming the end consumer. With CIDNET, inmate contacts only pay for the data used, because that’s the fair way to do business.


Video visitation designed for human beings

What if your video visitation software was simple? With CIDNET Video, managing video visitations and video arraignments has never been easier. Staff can schedule a video session in less time than it takes to book a new contact for a first-time visitation. Agencies that leverage the CIDNET Video app to upgrade their visitation process will instantly minimize transport risks while maximizing rehabilitative opportunities for their inmates. It even generates revenue.


No contraband transmission. Period.

Inmates and their families already communicate using hand-written letters delivered by the postal service, but the time, money, and man-power involved is innefficient. Why not give them a better platform to communicate, and eliminate security threats at the same time? CIDNET Mail includes a custom flagged-text database where staff can configure illicit words and phrases. CIDNET can even notify you when an inmate refers to one of your staff by name. Did we mention the extra revenue?

Apps for time-efficient administration

Jail administration has always been synonymous with paperwork. Until now.

Content Broadcasting

Say goodbye to your cluttered bulletin boards. The CIDNET Broadcast app enables any Jail Administrator to create, design, and maintain custom digital signage billboards throughout a facility. Your content belongs on the big screen.

Electronic Forms

Replace your facility’s inmate forms with input-driven digital versions using CIDNET Enquire. No paper or ink required. Through the CID Device’s touchscreen interface, inmates can submit any type of form your facility currently uses.

Commissary Software

Does your in-house commissary need vendor software? With CIDNET Market, there’s no need for pen-and-paper orders or standalone kiosks. Instead, every CID Device becomes an elligible point-of-sale.


We’ve never used a better system before. The video visitation works like a charm, and the forms app is great. Can’t recommend it enough.

Jeff Lickei

Cass County Corrections Jail

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